Our aim is to enhance workplace wellness, whether you’re remote working at home, or in an office with a team. All the products and services we list have been selected by our experts for the physical, mental, and environmental benefits they offer you, your team, and your workspace.

Physical Health

Feed your body and your mind. Great nutrition and physical activity is the key to optimum health. Boost energy, cognitive ability, and productivity with our handpicked collection.

Mental Health

To function at peak you first need to reduce stress. Increase your immune system and achieve a calm focus with our carefully curated selections.


Social Wellbeing

We’re social creatures, so it makes sense to enhance co-operation. Work better as a team, increase productivity, and relieve anxiety and tension with our recommendations.


Our workspace selection helps you achieve an optimised and organised environment, to enhance wellbeing and support physical, mental, and social health.

Hydrate Your Troubles Away

January detox Time to reset It’s that time of year again! After a month of putting our body through its paces with enough food and wine to last a lifetime, many of us view January as our chance to undo all that indulgence and reset our habits, ready for whatever the...

4 Things to Consider Before Lockdown

2020 has had more twists and turns than a movie script, right? And as the nation prepares to enter a second, month long lock down, starting on Thursday the 5th November, it’s fair to say that many of us are worried, unsettled and...

Hukso Wellbeing Bingo

Here’s our simple solution to making healthier changes - every day, see how many of the nine boxes you can tick off. Maybe some days you’ll get one or two, and maybe on others you’ll get seven or eight! The idea is to become more aware of our daily habits and make...

Can a 4 day work week improve your business’s productivity?

Developing your hiring practices Putting the time into developing hiring practices that allow the role and culture to be at the forefront of your capabilities is important. Hiring can be extremely time-consuming, so establishing...

Can your employees thrive in your workplace?

As research paints a clearer picture of what our well-being requires, the way we live now is looking increasingly detrimental. In particular, our LED-lit offices, blue screens, and the corporate rat-race culture can hold back organisations as their employees were not...

Building Corporate Athletes In The Modern Workplace

Professional sport is revered across the globe, perhaps as we get to observe the human body at its peak. It has long been known that competition can raise motivation and therefore performance as a result, which is why this “winning mentality” is sought-after in the...

Applying Moderation to your Business

When it comes to business, is more always better? Certainly more sales paired with the increased capacity to handle it is great, but for yourself and employees, working longer and harder may actually harm the long-term growth and...


Swedish native Ted Mayborn and his business partner Tiago Mendes, both graduates in Nutrition & Exercise Science from the University of Westminster, decided in 2017 to launch a business that would bring the benefits of the Scandinavian way of life to workplaces across the world.
And so Hukso was born.

Ted Mayborn


Tiago Mendes


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