We aim to enhance workplace wellbeing by offering a curated range of products and services designed to boost mental, physical, social, and environmental health.

We have years of experience in the wellness industry and carefully assess every product and service we consider listing before we give it the Hukso Seal of Approval and recommend it to our customers.

We do this to make sure we only offer high quality products that will have a measurable impact on your wellbeing and health.

We’re constantly sourcing new products to offer our customers but will only ever feature those that meet our stringent standards, to ensure you get maximum value.

Browse our categorised collections and discover fresh ways to improve every essential aspect of your workplace’s health.

If you’d like to learn more about the health of your current work environment and receive a personal prescription of recommendations to improve and optimise, we offer full wellbeing assessments through our platform, hukso.com.

How It Works

We have years of experience in the wellbeing industry and are using our expertise to quality assess the high-performance products & services we feature. Every item on our website has been chosen for its ability to improve an essential aspect of workplace health – whether you need to boost productivity, improve communication, enhance cognition, or de-stress.


Our range of physical wellbeing products and services have been chosen for their ability to improve stamina, increase energy, and boost blood flow to the brain.

Designed to get body and mind in sync, our selections will raise your performance and prime you for productivity.

Physical health is vital if you and your team want to perform at your best, and our whole-body wellbeing range is ideal if you need some help to reach your peak potential.


Good mental health is pivotal to productivity, creativity, and clear thinking, but sometimes we all need a little extra assistance.

Our handpicked collection of high-performance products and services will sharpen your focus and increase cognitive ability – so you can achieve much more.

We offer a quality selection that will nourish, de-stress, and help you power up or unplug, to boost decision making, relieve anxiety, and improve mental acuity.



Strong social connections are key to workplace co-operation.  
Our recommendations in this category have the power to strengthen connections and aid team bonding.

Augment social ties, cement a sense of calm, boost productivity, and release tension – everything you need to foster great relationships in your workplace.


A well-planned workplace encourages productivity and enhances wellbeing.

We’ve picked our range of workspace essentials to help you create a calm, focused environment where communication and connection can flourish.

Using concepts of biophilic design and ergonomics that draw upon nature to enhance mood, our recommendations will raise productivity levels, while de-stressing and decreasing physical tension.



Swedish native Ted Mayborn and his business partner Tiago Mendes, both graduates in Nutrition & Exercise Science from the University of Westminster, decided in 2017 to launch a business that would bring the benefits of the Scandinavian way of life to workplaces across the world.
And so Hukso was born.

Ted Mayborn


Tiago Mendes


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