Foldable & Adjustable Laptop Stand



Allowing you to create an ergonomic work station in the office or at home, our super versatile laptop stands are sure to enhance your productivity and comfort levels during your working day.

Sturdy, versatile and designed to work with almost any size laptop, these stands also boast a foldable and portable ergonomic design that has an impressive 7 gear height adjustment. With its triangular design and stable structure, our laptop stands also feature a hollow heat dissipation.

Suitable for laptops up to 15.6″

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Lead time: Up to 7 business days

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Hukso Approved


Here at Hukso, we are all about creating an ergonomic environment that works for you. After all, it is crucial to your health and wellbeing that you are able to work in optimum comfort, and simple adjustments to your working equipment can do wonders for your productivity and happiness!

Allowing you to raise the screen to eye level and  thereby creating a better postural stance to suit your needs, our stands are a great addition to any working setting.