Mini Massage Gun


Our Mini Massage Gun is the perfect device to help alleviate pain and tissue tension and to enhance muscle recovery by stimulating blood flow and loosening tight muscles.

The small size and weight of this device can easily help you reach areas of the body like the muscles behind your neck and shoulders unlike the larger and heavier conventional devices, whilst not compromising on performance.


  • 16 Hours Battery life (2500 mAh) & Type-C Quick Charge
  • Small size – 14.2mm and 500g weight
  • 3000 percussions per minute & 4 Speeds
  • Ultra quiet technology
  • 4 massage head attachments
  • Carry case

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Lead time: Up to 7 business days

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Hukso Approved

Percussive massage guns have been successfully used by athletes and gym goers over the last few years to help prevent injury and speed up recovery of muscle groups. However most conventional massage guns are large and bulky and are not convenient to use, oftentimes requiring another individual to massage hard to reach areas .

This smaller yet powerful massage gun is the perfect size and weight for you to use at any time or place, without needing your spouse or friend to assist. You can use it after a workout, relaxing on your sofa or even at your desk to promote healthy circulation and thereby reduce the risk of injury.