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Neck Traction Pillow

If you suffer from neck pain from cervical herniated or bulging discs, as well as the headaches that accompany it, you’ve certainly landed in the right place! Our Neck Traction Device provides the ultimate relief from the pain associated with these conditions

This traction device supports the neck, while elevating the jawbone, which in turn, creates optimal spine alignment, whilst instantly relieving tension in your nerves. Many people experience back, spine, shoulder pain relief and spasm relief.

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Here at Hukso, we fully understand that the unnatural seated position the vast majority of us spend most of our days in takes its toll on our bodies, particularly the neck. This neck traction pillow can help to relieve any neck pain caused by cervical herniated or bulging discs (and the headaches that accompany it).

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a 20 min break each day with this pillow to reduce aches and pains and improve your quality of life.