Posture Corrector


Our Posture Corrector provides support to your neck, shoulders and back, whilst promoting balance to your body weight. It works by gently pulling your muscles back in their natural position and maintaining appropriate body alignment, which in turn helps break the habit of slouching and prevent the pain brought upon by it.

Due to its lightweight and ergonomic design, you can comfortably and discreetly wear the posture corrector under a shirt or blouse and its high-quality antiperspirant and anti-allergenic materials will allow you to keep cool and sweat free.

We recommend wearing the posture corrector for 15-25 minutes a day for the first week, then an additional 20 minutes daily as your body feels more comfortable with it on.

* Measurements based on chest circumference in inches

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Poor posture is but a side effect of our sedentary lives, from the slouching and looking down at our phones countless times a day to the long hours of work at our desk. It is a side effect with countless negative effects on our wellbeing, from headaches, pulled muscles and back pain to even impairing blood circulation and lung function. We at Hukso have found the tool that will help! Our Posture Corrector will help you break the bad habit of slouching, enhance your posture and ameliorate the pain to your neck, back and shoulders.