Gold Leaf 25% CBD Spray


Inari Health’s GOLD Leaf Gold 25% CBD Oil spray is a premium quality peppermint flavoured, full-spectrum hemp extract with MCT oil to maximise absorption, guaranteed to deliver a minimum of 2500mg CBD per 10ml bottle whilst also maintaining the benefits of a natural entourage effect.

Ingredients: Full Hemp Extract (Cannabis Sativa L) from the complete plant, MCT Oil, Peppermint flavour. Each bottle contains a minimum of 2500mg CBD.

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Hukso Approved

Inari Health’s main focus is to offer customers the best products possible by bringing together the highest quality ingredients and the latest technology for extraction and testing. All customers of Inari can be assured that their products are of the highest quality available, which is why Hukso has chosen to partner up with Inari Health.

Cannabinoids (CBD) have been widely researched over the last few of years, and research has indicated that CBD can help to treat and manage a whole host of different conditions.

How? The Phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant are structurally very similar to the Endocannabinoids produced in our bodies, this allows them to latch on to our Endocannabinoid receptors and naturally induce various health benefits.