Unplug: Night Time Nootropic


Unplug is your de-stressor. It eases your mind and brings you home. Welcome a new soothing mood, an unbroken peace of mind and a sense of calm vitality. Quell anxiety and sleep deeper with traditional nootropic herbs scientifically combined with micronutrients for a holistic stress relief.

Every ingredient in Unplug is a real food nootropic product deeply grounded in nutritional science with excellent human clinical results and is safe for long term use. There are no unsafe synthetic, novel or drug-like substances in Unplug.

Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians. No gluten.

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Hukso Approved

Motion Nutrition is a brand focused on bringing you wholesome organic supplements with the intent to aid the body’s natural functions. Their ethos aligns with that of Hukso, which is why we have chosen to team up with them and bring you some of the best supplements on the market.

Nootropics are a great way of naturally stimulating your cognitive functions, whether you need a morning boost that does not involve caffeine (which lessens creativity and sleep patterns see more) and sugary drinks or perhaps some help in the afternoon to wind down from a stressful day, without the involvement of alcohol or other sedatives (which will destroy quality of sleep).