Exercise & Yoga Resistance Bands

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Exercise bands are sure to become your new best friend wherever you work out, providing effective training for your whole body. Allowing you to work out your arms, back, legs, and bum all at once, this resistance band is ideal for body resistance training and physical therapy, helping to strengthen torn ligaments or muscles during physiotherapy or recovery.

These exercise and yoga resistant bands are made from quality latex material in order to maximise the longevity of the bands.

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Hukso Approved

Exercise bands are probably the best piece of equipment you can use to assist you in your body resistance training, which is why they get our seal of approval.

They can add resistance to your squats, remove some of the resistance during pull-ups or help you get a deeper stretch. It is also extremely easy to take a band along with you on your run for a quick training session, or why not keep them in the office for a deeper stretch as you exercise at your desk?