Executive/Employee Coaching


Our executive coaching or individual employee coaching programme has been expertly developed to assist with a wide range of employee issues, especially employees experiencing difficulties such as bullying.

The programme is led and managed by Occupational Psychologist, Anna, who’s got vast experience in everything from vocational counselling through to personnel selection and assessment. Over years, she has worked with a diverse range of small and medium companies, from all corners of the world and has published two books, as well as over 100 papers and articles.

Priced at £149 per one-hour session, this executive employee coaching course is perfect for businesses or individuals working in a diverse range of sectors.

Shipping: N/A

Lead time: Up to 7 business days

Hukso Approved

Here at Hukso, we fully believe in the importance of creating a supportive environment that contributes to sound mental health. With this in mind, we realised that the person carrying out these services would have to be nothing short of world class and Anna is certainly that! Armed with vast experience in the field, she can handle any task no matter the size and complexity. We are extremely proud to have Anna as a collaborative partner and a part of the Hukso family.