Personal Wellbeing Assessment


The Hukso Personal Wellbeing assessment is a truly unique and revolutionary service that will help you achieve optimal work-life balance! 

Our assessment tool delivers a comprehensive set of questionnaires that enable you to identify key areas of your work-life that need the most attention, these range from your dietary and physical activity habits to how your workstation is set up. (Find list of questionnaires below)

We provide you with your own secure Hukso Personal Wellbeing account to view the results of your assessment immediately upon completion and anytime after that. Each key area is provided with an easy to understand scoring system as well as information about the importance of each measured field. Within 2-3 days our experts at Hukso will comment on each Key area to provide you with a truly bespoke wellbeing assessment!

Our platform also allows you to compare datasets which is incredibly helpful to measure the success of our recommendations and your own actions, so make sure to re-visit this service again after 6 months to re-evaluate your work-life! (We’ll even provide you with a 10% off as a returning customer!)




Hukso Personal Assessment Includes:

  • Secure Online Platform
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Physical Activity Assessment
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Built Environment Assessment



Lead time: 3-4 business days