Strategic Planning Session


Strategic planning session with senior management 

3 hour interview via Zoom or Skype, production of a change/development plan, presentation and finalisation of the plan

We would help you to determine if you have an unsupportive culture in your company and if it’s there “by design” or if senior management would prefer to change it.

We would discuss what management’s strategic goals are, what kind of atmosphere they would like to instil in the company, what the company vision is and how they see the company in 5 to 10 years.

Provide insight into designing a KPI system based on collective rather than individualistic achievements.

Introducing a new induction and monitoring system might help to bring more clarity and less anxiety into employees’ work.

If chaotic nature of assignments, tasks and goals is expected to be long-term due to certain circumstances (e.g. nature of the market), a new assessment and development system might be introduced to select employees who are naturally highly tolerant to uncertainty and/or to improve the uncertainty tolerance in existing employees.

Shipping: N/A

Lead time: Up to 7 business days

Hukso Approved

At Hukso we do appreciate the importance of a supportive environment that contributes to sound mental health. With this in mind we realised that the person carrying out these services would have to be nothing short of ‘worlds class’. Anna is certainly ‘world class’, she has vast experience in the field and can handle any task no matter the size and complexity. We are therefore very proud to have Anna as a collaborative partner and a part of the Hukso family.