Stress Coaching

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Get to the root cause of your stress with these easy to follow and structured sessions. Each session has a discussion focus related to these areas of your life: Career, Money, Transitions, Relationships, Personal Strength & Health. You will learn new tools to help you reduce your stress levels and practice these between sessions e.g. breathing exercises, morning routines & tapping.

Discovery Session – Stress Test, find out how you are currently coping with stress & Identify your main stressor | Session 1 – Situation & Finding Facts – Understanding where you got your values and rules from | Session 2 – Triggers and Reworking the Rules – Creating your major events timeline | Session 3 – Empowering your Role – identify your Success Identity | Session 4 – Engage the Ego- Identify your Success Story | Session 5 – Sensations & Depth Discovery- Identify your Success Sensation Statement | Session 6 – Suppositions & Opinion Shift- Replacing limited beliefs | Session 7 – Actions and Meaningful Memories- Embracing your empowered action


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Stress is something we all battle with, some to a great extent whilst others barely notice it. The key to managing your stress is first and foremost to acknowledge the source of the stress and secondly learning the skillset of how to reduce it. Our very competent stress coach Lara knows how to do both. Lara has also worked in finance so she is well versed in all the stressors affecting the modern worker. All you need during your session is a pen, paper and a laptop